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Gregory Philip Kent

"I'm gonna change you like a remix, then I'll raise you like a phoenix..."

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Name:Gregory Philip Kent
Birthdate:Feb 23
Gregory Philip Kent was a child of the post-WWII baby boom, born in Newark, NJ to a returned enlisted man from the US Army, and his young bride only 10 months after his return in the mid-1940s. They were so proud of their firstborn son, and as very religious parents, they poured a great deal of time into raising Greg to be a good Catholic boy. Within a few years, the family was joined by two girls, Greg's identical twin baby sisters, and younger brother Trystan. All of this was well and good, but as soon as he hit puberty, Greg began to realize that he was different than most of the boys he hung out with, and that he couldn't fit into his parents' Catholic ideals, because he only had an attraction to guys.

It was this realization that led to Greg making the move to New York when he was only 18, just after graduating high school. He was incredibly smart, and earned a business degree from NYU, only to immediately go to work for a company called BMR Media, Inc. With his quick business mind, he moved up the ranks of the international company's New York office, eventually becoming president of the office, while also managing to keep a very lucrative drug dealing business going under the radar. He served a great many hippies during the Vietnam conflict, but eventually moved on to serving psychedelic drugs to a more high-class clientele, including many of the people with whom he did business through the company as well. It was one night, at a party in the wake of Woodstock, that Greg's whole world changed. Greg was never one to do his own drugs, considering it poor business practice, and in the midst of the party, everyone tripping and out of their minds, Greg spotted possibly the only other person in the room who wasn't high. Xavier Carlisle was perhaps the most beautiful man that Greg had ever seen, and when they crossed the room to speak with each other, the chemistry was instant. It wasn't as if Greg hadn't engaged in sex with men after leaving home. The free love concept of the '60s had opened up a lot of opportunities, which Greg had gladly participated in. But what happened with Xavier was far beyond sex. It was the best sex of Greg's life, but more than that, it led to Greg falling very quickly for Xavier.

There was a period of a few years where Xavier seemed to constantly be trying to put some distance between the two of them, but Greg just couldn't let him go, and they kept ending up having sex no matter how hard Xavier tried to leave. It was in the midst of one of those sexual encounters that Xavier lost control, and Greg very nearly lost his life. He awoke drained, and very nearly dead from loss of blood, and Xavier stayed by his side as he recovered. It was when Greg was well on his way to recovery that Xavier broke down in tears -- tears of blood that he had no choice but to explain to Greg. The truth was that Xavier was Kindred, a vampire bloodline, and not only that, but so was Greg's boss and the CEO of his company, Blaise Richelieu. Xavier's plan was to leave Greg once he was well, but he begged him to give him a few more days to get things together before he just left.

With his few days, Greg made his way to Paris, and quickly, to beg Blaise to Embrace him. He had fallen completely in love with Xavier, and whatever it took, he wasn't going to lose him. It wasn't a simple thing to convince Blaise, but once they'd discussed it at length, Blaise gave in to Greg's request.

Now, Xavier and Greg live together in the Westchester manor, and have recently mated... the Kindred equivalent of marriage, but via a blood bond that makes it impossible for them to survive without each other or be absent from each other for any distinct period of time. They do still indulge in sexual/feeding encounters with others, as is Kindred nature, but they always return to each other. Greg is still at the helm of Blaise's New York headquarters, and Xavier has moved on to own Carlisle Riding Academy and Stables built on his Westchester estate, whilst fulfilling his duties as Toreador Primogen of the City. It took him a long time to admit that the reason he lost control with Greg that night was because Greg was his soul mate, but now they are inseparable and very much a high profile power couple in the New York socialite world.
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